Make thebiggest bubbles everwith thishomemade giant bubble recipe.

Making homemade giant bubbles has been on our to-do list for a while, but we’ve been waiting for the perfect weather conditions. The weather is really important for making the biggest bubbles that won’t pop.

More on that in a bit.

Yesterday, the weather was just right, so I whipped up batch of homemade giant bubble mix in the morning, and we tried it out this afternoon.

I am thrilled to report that this homemade recipe really does make the biggest bubbles ever! If you’re looking for something super-fun to do in the backyard with your daycare kids or family, or a great outdoor science activityto do with your class, you have to make these bubbles!


Check out thesize of this bubble!

My goodness! Cheap and easy backyard fun doesn’t get much better than this!


I’ll admit that when I was mixing up this recipe, I wasn’t altogether convinced that these bubbles would work.

The ingredient list seemed bizarre, the cornstarch didn’t completely dissolve, and when I dipped my hand in, it didn’t seem slick and slippery like store-bought bubble solution. I began to wonder if this mixture would produce any bubbles at all.


Oh boy. I shouldn’t have worried!

This recipe made the best bubbles ever!

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I got my inspiration from Design Dazzle, but I’vetweaked her bubble recipebecause I didn’t have the ahem…“secret ingredient” that she recommended. Imade our bubble mixture with glycerine instead.

Ok! Ready? Here’s how you’re gonna make homemade bubbles that will blow everyone’s minds!


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You will also need a giant bubble wand. DIY instructions below, or buy yours here.

Homemade Giant Bubble Recipe

How to Make Homemade Giant Bubbles Solution

  1. Dissolve Cornstarch

    Dissolve cornstarch in the water, stirring really well.

  2. Add Remaining Ingredients

    Stir in the rest off the ingredients, being very careful not to create a lot of froth.

  3. Let it Sit

    Allow your bubble mixture to sit for at least an hour before using, stirring occasionally when you see the cornstarch settling to the bottom.

Note: Some of the cornstarch won’t dissolve completely and may even settle to the bottom when you’re usingyour bubble mixture, but it won’t affect the quality of your bubbles.

TIP: We find this bubble solution easiest to use if we pour it into a shallow baking pan or a large casserole dish. I like to use my largest (11×15) Pyrex dish. It allows us to get our wands completely submerged when loading them up with the bubble mix.

The more bubbles you make, the better the mixture gets!

FYI: The first several bubbles popped immediately, and I was feeling deflated (no pun intended). We soon discovered however, that more we played with the bubble formula, the silkier it became.

Before we knew it, we were making huge bubbles. When they broke free of our wand, they jiggled and wobbled through the air, gaining altitude until they floated up over the housetops and out of sight.

It was crazy-cool!

The perfect weather for giant bubbles:

You might think a hot, sunny day would be best for an outdoor activity like this, but believe it or not, it’s best to pick a cloudy or overcast day, with high humidity and very little wind. The reason being that sunshine and wind willdehydrate your bubbles, causing themcausing it to pop.

If the weather isn’t overcast and humid, at least take your bubbles under the canopy of a large tree or to the shady side of your house.

Ideally, there will be no wind, so youmay find that the bubbles need a little help getting air into them. What worked for us was to hold our arms high in the air, and slowly walk backwards, which gently forced air into the bubble.


And speaking of bubble wands…

How to make a giant bubble wand:

You can buy huge bubble wands like this one, but it’s really easy to make your own. This is how I made ours:

I used two drinking straws, and a length of yarn that was 6 to 8 times longer than the length of one straw. Thread the yarn through the straws, tie a knot, and you’re good to go!


Well? What do you think? Are you going to give it a try?

If you have any doubts, check out thecomments at the bottom of this post. Dozens of people can’t be wrong.

This recipe really does make thebiggest, best, backyard bubbles ever!

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